Have you ever thought what it would be like to be the sun?
See how little planets appear in your system?
Did you think about the maneuvers that the sun has to do to keep it in orbit?
possibly not and that's normal but still you have this game to know
orbital maneuver is a game created for the blackthornprod game jam in a period of 5 days taking the theme of "little planets" given in the jam
in the game you have to use your mouse to keep the planets away from the sun using the right click and every 2 levels you will get a new skill the game contains up to 9 levels with the same mechanics but an increase of planets that keep away from the sun
the game in its entirety was created by myself (by?) without taking any external resources beyond the tools of game maker studio (programming), google translator (impediments of language) and beep box (music)

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